SML 2015

Symposium on Shipping and Maritime Logistics


Symposium Chairs

ABRIAK Nor-Edine
(Ecole des Mines de Douai, France)


Vanessa Durán Grados
(University of Cadiz, Espagne)

Wafik Hachicha
(Univ. Sfax, Tunisia)

The Symposium on Shipping and Maritime Logistics (SML) addresses the most advanced research works on shipping, port, and maritime logistics and management. The technical areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Decision support system in shipping
  • Freight and commodity markets modeling
  • Maritime business and economics
  • Maritime logistics and global supply chains
  • Maritime policy and management
  • Maritime safety and environmental protection
  • Modeling shipping freight market
  • Offshore supply management
  • Port competition
  • Port management and organization
  • Security in maritime transportation
  • Shipping and trade liberalization
  • Shipping investments and finances
  • Short sea shipping